Please note this summary provides an overview of the basic terms and conditions. Customer should be familiar with the complete terms and conditions included with the order form prior to ordering.

1. General Terms and Conditions.

1.1. A legally binding contract with Customer occurs when Craftsman receives a written confirmation from Customer of their order. Craftsman is registered in England and Wales with company number 05274817. Craftsman's registered office address is at 12 MORTIMER HALL, THE STREET, MORTIMER, BERKSHIRE, RG7 3NS, UK.
1.2. Customer agrees to accept and abide by the terms and conditions as provided or modified; Craftsman Ltd. reserves the right at any time to modify these terms and conditions.

2. Prices:

2.1. Online quotation form is intended to be accurate but is only a guide.
2.2. All prices quoted for a maximum of seven days. 
2.3. The final price payable will be estimated only after the templator has taken final measurements.
2.4. The final actual price may differ depending on the conditions encountered during installation by fitter.

3. Payment and Charges:

3.1. End-customers or homeowners, custom measurement and installation: 
    3.1.1. 10% down-payment is required at the time an order is placed, 40% of the total estimated order due at time of templating and final payment due upon installation and fitting except for DIY orders as noted below. The down-payment is refundable up to the time of templating less expenses.
3.2. DIY orders (I.e. Those not using Craftsman's templating & fitting service): 
    3.2.1. 70% deposit is required with the balance payable upon delivery or at time of Customer pick-up for all orders over £500; full payment for orders of lesser amounts. Materials remain property of Craftsman until payment in full.
3.3. For commercial and/or sub-contracted jobs: 
    3.3.1. Full payment pre-paid on order including any estimated labour charges with final payment due at conclusion.
3.4. For ALL orders:
    3.4.1. Payment methods: Online bank transfer, valid credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express), Google® Checkout, cleared personal cheque and Paypal® are accepted; fees are additional. 
    3.4.2. All balances due in full upon delivery. Interest of 1.5% per month accrues on balances outstanding.
    3.4.3. Taxes: All prices are subject to the addition of VAT for UK residents; else VAT will not be charged but Customer is responsible for any local import charges/taxes in Customer's home country.
    3.4.4. Customer is liable for all collection expenses required by Craftsman to collect arrears balances.

4. Returns:

4.1. Customer must notify Craftsman of any product quality issues at time installation commences or at time of delivery for DIY orders. No responsibility is be taken by Craftsman after fitting.
4.2. If Craftsman cannot fulfill Customer's order, Craftsman will refund Customer's down payment less miscellaneous charges incurred by Craftsman or renegotiate the order if desired by customer.

5. Privacy: 

5.1. Craftsman uses Customer information for internal use only and does not disclose or sell such information to any third parties. 

6. Intellectual Property and Confidentiality: 

6.1. All intellectual property including trademark and other proprietary rights apply. The Craftsman site shall not be copied, transferred and all content shall remain confidential for the exclusive use of visitors acting as Craftsman customers. No use of this site for other purposes without the expressed written permission of Craftsman. See full terms and conditions.
6.2. Customer accepts placement of Craftsman's trademark on goods as an inseparable feature that uniquely identifies Craftsman's goods as goods that are distinctive in quality and value.

7. DIY orders: 

7.1. Any measurements given by a Customer for final machining of granite must be in writing and signed; no liability assumed by Craftsman for incorrect dimensions.
7.2. Customer may arrange his/her own transport from Craftsman premises or can arrange for delivery for an extra charge; in both cases Customer is responsible for packing purchased objects in a suitable wooden box expressly designed for this purpose, which can also be provided by Craftsman for an extra charge. Craftsman will bear no responsibility for damage caused by a courier OR errors or defects occurring during a Customer-arranged method of delivery or from defects/failure of any wooden box.
7.3. The Customer has a right to inspect DIY goods by making appointment before collection.

8. Delivery: 

8.1. Delivery shall generally take place curbside. If due to Customer fault, the goods are not taken up or delivered by the date specified in the contract, Craftsman may either treat the contract as repudiated or store the goods at Customer risk and expense. 
8.2. Estimates of delivery dates and times are approximate only. 
8.3. Craftsman accepts no liability for any loss, injury, damage or expense as a result of or consequent to any delay in the delivery of goods. Delay due to circumstances outside Craftsman control shall not entitle the Customer to cancel any order or refuse to accept delivery. Parking space for Craftsman delivery should be organized by Customer; in the event such space is not reachable or clearly arranged by Customer in advance, all necessary fees (receipts) will be presented for reimbursement by Craftsman's templator or fitter to Customer. 


Granite and Marble, Measuring and Fitting:

The following information is principally designed to address issues that arise when specifying and working with granite work surfaces. This information form part of the terms and conditions of sales with Craftsman Ltd.

9. Customer or his agent´s (builder´s) responsibility to ensure that cabinets are secured firmly to wall, are level and have sufficient braces and that the floor can support the weight of granite worktops.

10. The Customer is responsible before templating & fitting for removal of prior & temporary existing tops. Craftsman can remove existing tops for a fee to be included with this Contract.

11. After templating, the Customer needs to ensure cabinets and supports are not moved after Craftsman has completed templating. Measurements taken at that time are crucial to ensure a good fitting environment. Changes after Craftsman has taken measurements and templates are likely to cause significant difficulties for which customer is liable.

12. Craftsman reserves the right to add joints where Craftsman feels necessary, commensurate with health and safety guidelines and accessibility. 

13. Granite worktops are very heavy and can be difficult to handle in confined spaces. Craftsman is requested to remove cupboard fronts, appliances and other items that may get damaged during fitting of granite worktops. Craftsman can take no responsibility for damage to items left in place. 

14. Craftsman does not do plumbing, electric or gas work. Only temporary plumbing may be performed by Craftsman when it must test the fit and/or setting of objects it provides. It is the Customer�s responsibility to have such work properly finished before and after installation. Customer should schedule re-connection of appliances after Craftsman has installed the granite or marble material. 

15. Craftsman does not set appliances (dishwashers, stoves, microwaves). Craftsman is not responsible for the variation in height between the worktops, granite worktops and any appliances. Craftsman can mount only stainless steel undermount sinks to the granite. 

16. Craftsman cannot move any appliance, tables, units and other heavy objects for Customer during template or installation. Craftsman is not liable for scratches on floors, cabinets, etc. 

17. Craftsman cannot accept liability for the well-being of Customer or his helpers who may assist lifting and moving particularly large and/or cumbersome objects (e.g. large islands of granite worktops). 

18. Goods of very long and/or very narrow dimensions significantly increase the risk of breakage during transit to Customer�s location of installation, and it is recommended that such dimensions be avoided. Customer must agree to additional insurance and liability charges assessed by Templator or Fitters when in the opinion of the Templator or Fitters, the dimensions and/or shape of an ordered good presents significant potential for cracking or breakage during transit. Such insurance will normally be assessed at the time an order is confirmed but Craftsman reserves the right to assess insurance prior to delivery of goods to location of installation and otherwise refund any pre-payment of Customer.

19. Customer or his agent will need to ensure that suitable space and support is provided for sinks. In most cases for example, heavy undermounted sinks necessitate that a wooden frame/ cradle is built and installed (with 15mm movement space all around sink) for the sink prior to the installation date. If fitters need to do extra work when they arrive to accommodate sinks they may assess an additional charge at that time. Craftsman may affix sinks and hobs to the granite worktops, but Customer should ask a suitably qualified plumber, gas fitter or electrician to connect the water, gas or electricity. Craftsman is not able to provide this service.

20. Walls are rarely straight or square, so small gaps between the granite worktop and the wall should be expected. Craftsman�s fitting team may also need to slightly modify walls (e.g. make cut outs) next to the granite worktop to minimize gaps and it is the responsibility of the Customer to perform final finishing of these areas. It is therefore advisable to have splash back or other similar tiling fitted only after Customer's granite worktop is fitted and installed.

21. Granite is a natural material and on rare occasions can have defects or imperfections due to the natural working characteristics of materials supplied. There may be small chips that arise in the course of manufacture, delivery and/or installation. Craftsman reserves the right to replace or repair minor defects entirely at Craftsman's own discretion. Craftsman also reserves the right to use chemical or resinous fillers, some of which may already be present in the granite worktop to affect or adjoin any repairs.

22. Granite is a natural material and can vary in color and Craftsman cannot guarantee the colour or character of stone delivered and/or fitting will be an exact match to any sample previously offered.