Tell your friends and get FREE Cash rewards

Granite eggsCash rewards of £25 up to £1000 for you and gifts for your Friends

Here is how it works:

You spend over £1000 (+vat) with Craftsman Ltd and then if you refer a friend to Craftsman Ltd who also spends over £1000 (+vat) with us we will give them a Gift of a Free Stone Chopping Board and you a cash reward of £25.

We will give you a £25 reward for each friend who spends over £1000 (+vat) with us.

If 10 of your friends spend over £1000 (+vat) each with us within 2 years we will give you a further £1000 reward!!!

So spend over £1000 (+ vat) with us and within 2 years you could get up to £1225 back!!!

All rewards are payable by cheque on receipt of full payment for your friend’s purchase.